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Lars Plougmann Byline: Tony Dreibus 1. Grain Markets Closed For Presidents Day The Chicago Board of Trade is closed in observance of Presidents Day. Overnight trading will resume at 7 p.m.... (full story)

iStock: AlexLMX Byline: Bill Spiegel The sale of 30 acres of farmland that once belonged to President Abraham Lincoln was the highlight of a farmland auction in Charleston, Illinois Feb. 12. But... (full story)

Byline: Bill Spiegel An interesting bit of history comes up for sale February 12 in Charleston, Illinois. One parcel of a nine-tract, 590-acre land auction in Coles County is a 30-acre tract that used to be owned... (full story)

David Ekstrom Byline: Tony Dreibus 1. Soybeans Modestly Higher Overnight as Trade Talks Continue Soybeans were cautiously higher while grains were little changed as trade talks between the... (full story)

Byline: Bill Spiegel Judging by his obituary, James Kettelkamp’s life was well-lived. The Stronghurst, Illinois, farmer served in the Army Air Corps in World War II and the Korean Conflict, after which he farmed and... (full story)

Byline: Bill Spiegel Big Food takes Soil Health Seriously Any one of the 6.5 million persons who visits a McDonald’s restaurant each day is likely more concerned with Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets than soil... (full story)

Byline: Austin Anderson Logan Mize is running late.  Not the “I’m a rock star, the world runs on my clock” kind of late, but rather the “can’t find a taxi in the entire city” kind. It’s a rainy night in early October.... (full story)

Byline: Successful Farming Staff We always try to make an impact with our coverage in our January issues.  In some first-of-the year issues, we take an optimistic view of the future. In others, we reflect on how... (full story)

Byline: Natalina Sents Many people in agriculture wear several hats. Farmers are often agronomists, mechanics, and marketers, all while juggling family roles. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue is no different. In... (full story)

Byline: Natalina Sents Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue has made headlines announcing a trade mitigation program and reorganizing the USDA since taking office in April 2017. But who is the white-haired, southern man... (full story)

The January issue of Successful Farming magazine is making history. U.S. Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue is the magazine’s first guest editor in its 116-years of publication. The USDA has never done this before, either. More than 20 pages of the magazine... (full story)

Bill Spiegel Byline: Bill Spiegel Less than three weeks after President Trump signed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, one of the Farm Bill’s chief architects announced he will not seek... (full story)

Byline: Gil Gullickson “ Remember, only you can prevent forest fires,” is the line that millions of U.S. children have heard the rich baritone voice of Smokey the Bear intone over several generations.  This... (full story)

Byline: Successful Farming Staff At this time, Successful Farming does not have any active sweepstakes. (full story)

Byline: Julie Spiegel President Trump has given farmers an unexpected gift the last week of the calendar year: the second half of the Market Facilitation Payments (MFP), which are to help offset markets lost to the... (full story)

iStock: stevanovicigor Byline: Jessie Scott Over the course of each year, Successful Farming magazine editors talk to hundreds of farmers. Some on the phone to get updates on crop progress in... (full story)

From improvements in ARC to marketing loan rate increases, here are the 10 things you need to know about the five-year farm bill. News Video var videoPlayer =... (full story)

Ryan and Lauren Buck Byline: Jessie Scott To say there’s been a lot of news coming out of D.C. involving farmers, farm policy, and trade, may be the understatement of the year. The 2018 headlines... (full story)

Byline: Bill Spiegel Feliciano Paredes was nervous and understandably so.  He was the first of six entrepreneurs selected to participate in the inaugural Startup Competition at Farmer2Farmer, the annual convention... (full story)

F2F Genetics Network Byline: Successful Farming Staff For members of Farmers Business Network, there is a new health care option to choose from. FBN Health, a new benefit to FBN members, is a... (full story)

Successful Farming Executive Editor Betsy Freese says 2019 could be another rough year - or it could be the turn around agriculture needs. Read her article here. News Video var videoPlayer =... (full story)

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What were the top agriculture stories in 2018? Trade and USDA aid topped the list. Read the articles mentioned in this video here . News Video var videoPlayer =... (full story)

Byline: Bill Spiegel Syngenta has invested nearly a decade and millions of dollars into hybrid wheat development in North America. Now, the company will scale back and refocus these efforts in both the U.S. and Canada. ... (full story)